Maybe it's my way for punishing myself for not being straight but every time a guy tries to get close to me I can never just have the courage give back and that makes me lonely. a victim of my own doing.
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it's hard to come to terms with, i know. but the thing is, you can't change it. i've struggled with it myself, so i know (to a certain extent) what you're feeling. but believe me, when you can accept it the world gets a lot better. i found someone to love and i'm very proud to tell people she is my girlfriend.

may the world treat you well and if you need anything at all, i'm here to talk.

whats so scary about giving back? and what do you mean straight, as in gay or that you lie?

oh, guy, yeah gay. Your only pushing yourself because other people think you should be straight. Stop being ******* stupid, do what you want. Theres no heaven or divine purpose, lifes only going to be what you make it and you only get one shot. Dont stop doing what you want because there might be consequence.

You need to focus on accepting your sexuality and you as a whole person. Our sexual preferences are only a small part of us. Stop sabotaging potential relationships.

The F" are you talking about

I'm describing how I feel