How do you not let one little thing bother you so much lol
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This is a vague question, but I have a general answer for whatever you may be explicitly referring to. The trick to not letting something bother you is to have a frame of mind, or mentality, which is bigger in scope than the thing that bothers you.

Let me substantiate my advice by one of my experiences. A new friend I made, who was from a completely different background, grew up in a drug dealing family, did drugs himself, then finally reformed his life way later. But I reformed my life much earlier in life than he did, and reaped the benefits so we have two different cultures, financial status, situations, etc. He acted like he had an inferiority complex and thus always made me feel bad about myself. But I remembered that the bitterness between us was merely something that is happening now; but deep down, we are still brothers in Christ, co-inheritors of God's eternal kingdom.

So by having an "eternal" frame of mind, I was able to get past, and conquer, the "temporary" problem.

very vague, you must be mysterious.

Cuz every little thing is gonna be alright .

Lol. That is exactly what I'm saying ;)