I seize to show my face simply because why should everyone know what lonely looks like?
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I already know what lonely looks like dear. I see it in the mirror each day. But reaching out here on EP may help you with your loneliness and possibly you will make some friends along the way. No one deserves to feel lonely. You will never truly be alone here on EP.

I too. Find myself lonely. I grew up in a time. Where was no internet. Was no smart phone's. Or gps to help find your way.
Lonely was a time back then when you had to go in when street light's come on and prime time tv was over at 10pm. And only thing left was to sleep or listen to music on a one speaker radio. Yet in today's world many of us find them self's lonely. How can that be. With all the technology seems to come a price to pay. We have forgoten how to talk to one another face to face. I sit every night with my wife next to me on couch and face planted in her phone. My daughter spends all her time on her phone with her face planted on facebook. My son spends every second on his x box. Playing very deadly game's.
Even myself now in a trap of lonely gagets of glowing screens.

That's... actually pretty clever of you :/