I have recently moved from NJ in an area near Philadelphia to an area that is a little remote in in Georgia. I left behind family, friends and church. Although I live with my oldest son and his wife and brand new baby I feel so alone.

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I recently relocated from upstate New York to Georgia where I have very little family. one thing I know about this out for sure is that there are many many churches I'm just not sure which one I want to be a part of I wish you the best of luck in your relocation

I know the feeling.....

thanks Ladyjane... i am hopeful that I will make friends here.

I know the feeling FeeBee - I moved to a town of about 500 I think it was in South GA - I lasted a year - I couldn't handle it - I was so alone and the weather was foreign too. I miss my kids so much and would love to move back there if I could find friends and good weather without mosquitoes. Mox

Being lonely is not a good feeling,I have been there.Look and see whats going on in the small town paper.Not sure your age but it is worth a try.Reading your bible force yourself to find another church.Go for walks when the sun is out and say Hi to a neighbor.Do something but don't go off by yourself keep busy, will make your day seem not so long.Do call a church and belong to a ladys group.You can drop me a line anytime and I will be there for you.My God and all His Love Lift you up and make your path plain and light the way.Your friend,Trials