My best friend just moved away today and everyone else has been busy. I haven't had that great of a year and now I just feel like I won't be able to make it through. It's senior year but idk what to do bcuz whenever I needed someone to talk to he was there. He was a brother to me and now it feels like another part of me has left and all I have now is just me.
FedorableMatt FedorableMatt
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3 Responses Aug 17, 2014

I would take the extra measure & say FK school BC I'm tired of society expectations. Expecting us youths to graduate from HS then off to college. Graduating is a achievement not a expectation. I would chase after that brother of yours if I were in you.

be strong. call him. skype. viber. the long distance stuff. its your only sweet get away now that he is gone. it feels like a knife cutting through you but i promise it gets better. you adapt to his absence but hey ! u can always meet up someday again, just be strong, distract yourself try find a hobby write paint.

It's going to be okay bro, you gotta make it yourself, not with someone else. That's how life is, but you'll be fine promise! So get out there and have fun, your last year man! Than you guys can go to a jc together homie.