No Body Understand

i love my husband very much, but he is not truthful, we argued all the time because of this. i don't feel him anymore, i know when he was in love with me. i found condoms in his pocket, text messages on his phone, and it is just driving me crazy. i start to flirting a little to get him out my head, but nothing helps. i need him. he is my first lover and only; i have never being with another man. i wonder if thats why it affects me so bad. i cannot eat, sleep, i cannot function without him.

he said he loves me and there is no one else but we don't use condoms, so what is he doing with them. if i am mad with him he stay with me the entire day until we make up. what is this saying? i am confuse. he said i let my emotion got the better of me.

no matter how mad i am with him, he just touch me and its like i am in heaven. he gives me and our son every thing we need, he take us out most weekends and yet i am lonely. my friends don't understand.

do you believe in your emotions?

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

You're one up on other women who have cheating mates because at least he is using a condom. I wouldn't say that you're lonely I'd say that you are hurting. From MY experience when one persons cheats in a relationship it's over. There's no going back because of the damage and you have given him power over the situation by remaining with him KNOWING what he's doing. It's possible to love someone and still be unfaithful to them but he apparently has no concern about the pain that he is causing you and your child or children are not a force strong enough to cause him to not risk destroying the marriage. I'd like to suggest that you get out of it before it gets worse than it is and it's possible for that to happen. His being your "first love" doesn't mean anything. He doesn't care about that so stop putting stock in it as if it's supposed to be some assurance that he'll keep himself for you. You decide what YOU want and if it's being with an unfaithful, callous, destructive man then live as you are but if you want better for yourself and consequently better for you child then you end it and move on. Remember in the future don't give so much of yourself that you lose yourself because that's when you hand over control to the other person.