Normally I'm okay with being alone but some days are harder to deal with than others. I like peace and quiet because I think better and feel calmer rather than feeling pressured to have something to say to someone. I've always dealt with my problems alone and prefer it that way, but I'm still human. I feel the need to communicate with someone, and share my thoughts with. Its that need to know that I'm not alone that make nights like this so hard to deal with. I cant just simply relax and feel okay, I've got that need to know that someone else out there can hear my voice and notice that I am alive and still breathing.
I like to try and think of the bright side of things too. I'm so thankful that I am doing better today then I was some months ago. Emotionally I'm feeling stronger, and my health has improved. I was in some dire straights for six years and finally I can breathe a sigh of relief that I am winning against myself and that I wont give up for anything now that I know that I can win. I love life and I love people, even though I keep so few of them in my life. I know that so many terrible things happen in life, but I like to think that so many good things do happen behind the scenes that we don't get to see every day. I try and maintain this attitude, because I know what happens to me when I lose hope, and I want to live for my friends and family. I love them so much for everything they have done for me and I love everyone here that has had an impact on me. To be fair, I even love the ones that may have had good thoughts for me, even if no words were spoken (of course I couldn't know for sure, but I like to try my best at giving whatever credit is due).
My heart speaks for me and I can tell I had a lot on my chest I wanted to voice out. If you read this, thank you for reading, We may never know each other personally, but believe me I am grateful that you cared enough to read what I had to say. Thank you so much.
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from the sound of it, i know u're just doing fine..u may be alone but not necessarily lonely cause u're at ease to be just by urself :-) good luck

Thank you so much =) Its nice to have the peace that I have but like I said, every once in a while I just need someone in my life. Sometimes I will go without speaking a word to someone for days, its not good for me and I am trying to change that about myself. I have so much to say and so much to share but I often find myself wanting peace.

u can surely make new friends w/ just a smile to start.

you're like me so stay strong, it's not easy but there are worse things in the world happening

Thank you =) Im trying my best.

good luck as there is not much more you can do at this moment :) but as always, it will be better again

actually, this site worked for me... seeing that I'm not the only one feeling this way, then write or try to write something nice to someone who seems to feel even worse and in the end of the day I was more-less OK

I think this site helped me out as well. Its given me a place to speak my mind and allow others to comment on my thoughts. I've had so many people already on here giving me their advice and sharing their experiences with me. I appreciate you and everyone's comments on here, its nice to see that others do care out there in the world and the feeling of loneliness slips away after witnessing it. =)

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