I am lonely. I moved to a new city a few months ago, and let me tell you: distance reveals who's there for you and who's not. All of my friends in my old town stopped trying to keep up with me and have basically replaced me. One of my best friends even said "I forget about you since you're not here". I have no friends in my new city because I have extreme social anxiety. I had a boyfriend, but he couldn't handle the distance. I've never felt so alone in my life. I have no companions whatsoever. Being like this is really depressing for me because my biggest fear is dying alone...
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I moved a few thousand miles away from home in my early 20s and yes, it's definitely hard. I find I keep in touch with those that matter.

*snuggles* I think you need lots of snuggles. I'd hug you in person if I could, I know so well how it's like. As a kid, I moved about 3 times to different cities each time losing friends and having to find new ones. It was a torture each time, but I learnt, I told myself "now, I got myself a fresh start. This time I'll do it better, I'll find better friends and I'll be a better friend myself." and today I'm actually quite happy over it.
I hope you can get through it too. I'm here for you if you want to talk. Mind me asking though, where are you from, country?

Thank you so much! You're sweet. I'm glad you're happier now. I'm from the U.S. :)

Awww sad, so far away. Do you live close to Las palmas or the grand canaries? My grandparents love going there on vacation xD

True friendship will last, your so called "friends" aren't really your friends. Distance doesn't matter as long as your love is true. 30 minutes isn't that long, my friend and I have 15 hours of time distance... Actually I don't have much friends either honestly no true friends well sometimes we just have to work with what we have! So I'll be open if u need a friend :) I'll be a true friend if you do me wrong.

Thank you!

No problem :)

at least you have many, many years till dying, so don't fear of dying alone. and if your friends did this, well, they were not really friends and you should be better without them. If you are new somewhere, it takes time till you get to know someone and make friends, it's not very nice or comfortable, but it's normal and won't last forever, don't worry.

Thanks. :)

you're welcome :)

I will chat with u message me

Where did you move from and to?

I moved from a city near Dallas (TX) to another city 30 minutes away.

Wow. That's not very far.

What prompted the move?

Better education/job opportunities.

Cool. Is it working so far?

Yeah, except for being lonely! :p

I have met someone else on here from Texas, can't remember where in Texas she is though. I'll check.

Her EP name is yogurtree. She's abt the same age as you too.

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