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I've lost my job and fallen out with the girlfriend in the first two months of 2009.  So now I don't get out much, see my brother and dad occassionally but rarely see anyone else, so am feeling pretty isolated.  I was a heavy drinker, so quit alcohol for good over 1 year ago, this has left me with the problem of being a bit stuck for meeting people.  The place I met all my friends and girlfriends was usually the pub or some other drinking related event.  Came here to try and find some advice on where to meet folks.

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I am sorry to hear you are having a bad patch. Things will turn around soon enough.<br />
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I know you've mentioned you've lost your job, but do you still stay in touch with the people you use to work with. Try going out with them maybe for supper, or maybe make supper for them.

There are many people out there like u i was one of them 3 months ago so ur not alone, u can meet people online or visit old friends but don't give up if u met someone u loved and lost them u can be sure u will meet someone else that will love u all the more, most important love urself with every fiber of ur being so that u can spread that awsome love to others, remember this u can never giveaway something u dont have.