I came very close to crying on the bus today. I am crying now. I really cant do this **** anymore. I wish killing yourself wasnt a sure way to go to hell
I hate it here so much
I cant do it
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I've tired killing myself many times. Drowning, hanging, overdose, I even almost shot myself I front of my prego gf a few yrs ago. But something that kept me from pulling the trigger was hope. I hopped one day things would get better. Idk how I never died from an over dose but I always always woke back up eventually. Hope is powerful. My life is different today. I have less then I did before and I don't get high which I truly and dearly love. But I don't wanna die. I hoped and hoped for years that I'd feel better that life would be better. And it happend. It took a lot of pain and a lot of darkness. But I dident die, and now live is getting better and better and the excitement is to see where it's going.

Im happt you didnt kill yourself in front of youe girlfriend...thats not cool
But thats good
Im happy for you

Is there anyone you can call that is close by you girl?

If there were i probably wouldnt be
On this site

I guess that's probably true! So I'm sorry for the dumb question. Sometimes, though, when we're overwhelmed, we might forget or give trying to contact a therapist, or Dr. that knows the history of what is going on.

There is always someone you can find locally, and a place you can get to, if you really feel like dying! There are hotlines that are set up to help guide you, there are offices and peoples' houses (in some cases) that you can go to also...

No money for a therapist or medicine

Maybe there is someone, i hust havent found anybody yet

There's no hell. But fine, whatever keeps you alive, I guess. Here are 20 reasons to live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGWncIuReIg