How do you keep loneliness from becoming depression?
Sunnybrookk Sunnybrookk
4 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Good question. It's a fine line. If there's a fine line of one or the other I'd suspect it's the point where one doesn't feel inclined to break free of the loneliness. Like it's not worth the effort.

Depression doesn't always manifest in feelings of sadness or desperation. For some it manifests in feelings of melancholy, isolation, lack of motivation and an inclination to not do much more than veg. There's like a comfort zone in there that's difficult to leave. It's like depression can mask as contentment. The clue, for me, is when you have to step out of the zone and you really don't want to leave it.

I think everyone experiences depression in some way or other. It's probably good that we do because it helps us understand one another better. Like if you have never been hungry how can you understand what it's like to starve?

That's well explained. Often people don't know that depression can have many masks, it's not always so obvious.

Let me know when you find out

I don't know, when you find out please tell me

That's so hard