I hate those times when you go out with friends and have a good time, but when you get home it's dark and quiet and you have no one around to talk about how your day was, so you nest yourself in the blankets and drift away to sleep just to wake up and go through the same ****** feelings all over again.
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This is why I have cat, books, and free weights :)

When I feel lonely I read or lift and my two cats either rest by me or in the case of the larger one lets me use him as a bar weight for about 54 reps.
And if that fails I find various other ways to occupy my time and keep my mind of those horrid feelings.

That sounds like a really good way to keep your mind of things..I tend to listen to music or edit some projects I work on but sometime the music just makes it a little worse

Maybe you should mix up the music once in awhile or try to use a laptop to edit projects in a new environment?

That's true I do use my laptop, but I should try switching up my work spots like working by the pool or something

That could help and keep switching it up every now and then to keep things from getting boring and bringing those feelings back, I am guessing you are luckier than I and live in a big city and not a small town so you have more options on where you can go to keep things from getting boring.

What else do you try to do to keep busy

Well I do my graphic design stuff, clean the apartment, help my folks out, bike, play games, go online, watch movies, listen to music and dance like a fool with no shame, go to the gym, do various art projects, write books and create concepts, cook, search for fossils and minerals and many many other things.
Occasionally I go to the only thing resembling a cafe in town and spend the day drinking lattes and working.

Living in a small town has taught me to be an expert at distracting myself, otherwise I get really depressed and really horrible feelings kick in because this place honestly is killing me.

I have no idea how people can live in a place like this and stay sane.

All that sounds exhausting but whatever it takes to keep our minds if things we will do...and yea I couldn't live in a small town I go crazy just visiting my grandma in Mississippi for a few weeks

It's a small town in the Midwest specifically Wisconsin, it's worse than Mississippi though not nearly as bad as Missouri (misery) and it is so boring if you don't exhaust yourself distracting your mind from being stuck here you go insane.

And the worst part is I am not even originally from the Midwest, I am native to Austin Texas where there is always something going on; in the town I live in now nothing really happens so as I mentioned before I have become a master of finding things to do that keep my busy lest I lose my mind.

Currently one of my distractions is searching for apartments in my home city, I am moving back in 6 months which should help with my bad thoughts :)

That's cool your moving back..what made you move to Wisconsin?

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You can talk to me if you won't to rite now ;)

Thanks..how are you doing

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