people come and do their checks to see that i am still breathing. they try and talk to me they try and 'connect' with me but its all fake. i am not their. i think i checked out a long time ago due to being locked up in and out of mental insitutions for over a decade. plus almost everyone who comes here gets paid. so i don't actually have any 'real' friends.
my 'brilliant' solution is to screw around. i actually don't get much out of it other than killing a few hours with someone making them happy and just not feeling the almost suffocating feeling of this lonliness.
i want so bad to 'fit' in to have a normal life whatever that means. but as my ex made it abundtly clear i am bat **** mad. i am not violent or hurtful to others than myself. and being this lonely and in my own head kills me everyday.
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one thing that helps me is to keep my mind off depression as much as possible. i work 7 days a week and am always trying to keep busy when not at work. i know you can do this.

You can message me. I don't fit in either. Really it's just where you meet people.

You do not need to "fit in". If people cannot see the person in you then you need to find different people. You will find there are people out there that you can connect with possibly even me a brokenhearted man just looking for more friends. One thing for sure is that you made the right choice to reach out here. There are many potential friends just waiting to meet you. :)

Don't try to fit in be yourself, that's what you should do Why be something you're not. If you need someone to vent too I'm here

Sounds more or less how i am xd No friends heh. Il be here if ever needed as someone too talk too. I would try my best too support you and all that. Im just shy so i might not be the best choice for you too talk with but il be here cx