Ehh... Well lonelyness. Something i have been feeling for quiet a few years now. Being alone every single day, not haveing any friends at all too talk or interact with. Think the hardest thing is too lose so many friends. Ecspesialy the imortant once. Makes me feel rather wothless and non important. I always liked too talk with people. Even if it was through the internett or face too face. Never really been able too make that many new friends since im really shy which makes me feel rather pathetic about myself xd Well engough ranting from me now :3
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Yeah, thats to bad :/

Welcome to 2014 planet earth where money is people priority value are just rubbish to them . Just pray that god will do something amen

being shy is something beautiful! don't you think so? i think being shy is also a kind of giving someone respect.. what do you think?

being shy means you can't say your opinion because you're scared what the person front of you would say or think about.. start to focus only on you and your shyness would disappear one day.. that day would be the starting to meet people and make friends! nothing is impossible! today mostly every famous confident figure was back in the day very shy .. they reached their dream too! so you can do it too :) good luck

Well i guess so :3 I honestly im just scared of what other thinks about me xd Cuz normaly they always think badly :3

how do you know that they think badly? a normal human being will be inside angry if you dont have the same opinion like them.. maybe angry it too much said but kind of .. but thats normal as long as you only talk about situations and topics and not gossiping.. everyone has their opinion.. if they dont accept that .. then just explain them that it is your opinion.. that it! ;)

Well its different than that when they pick on you xd If im right i get beat up so >-< Its really not that easy.

Ohh.. Thats really bad! People who are beating others are not real humans so why are you sourrounded by animals? Sorry for my words! But seriously.. You should leave this group of people and meet new people who are humans

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Being shy don't make you pathetic) Don't feel so)