I am so alone
All the friends I have are online through games or EP
I am antisocial but sometimes I want to actually be with them and talk to them
I hate this humdrum shitstorm called life
ImNotReallyFine ImNotReallyFine
18-21, M
3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

I feel the same way.

Do not worry you will be good
I been suffered from 7/8 yrs alone with no friends no family only workmates ad they never let me allow to be social with em
So be strong you will figure out .

Worst conditions for ppl like me i hardly going out only for work shift
But rest of world is no more for me my home is my prison for lifetime

You just rid off as soon as possible from this condition

Good luck stay strong !!

Sigh. I know how it feels man, I'm like that too.