Seriously Lonely.

I can't stand being lonely. Having no one to turn to when you're hurt or want to share good news to. Or perhaps when I want to go to the movies or go shopping with, I have no one to call. It is absolutely dreadful to go through day after day of having no one to talk to but yourself. All I ever do is sit at home and eat. . .. will someone be my friend?

DreamingAway DreamingAway
5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Despite what your heading says, I'll bet you have lots of friends. You just haven't met them yet. I already see 3 here :-) <br />
And maybe 4 when I learn the ropes and spend more time here.<br />
<br />
So see, you're not alone with no friends. you're just looking at it wrong!

I know how you feel! You're not alone. If you need someone to talk to you can count on me :)

Just stay strong

Thank you, thank you! :) I will continue to share more stories!

Hello being on EP you are going to have plenty of friends , and you can count me a one. I enjoy meeting new people, so you can feel free to chat with me anytime, take care.