I'm lonely, I can't get a girlfriend and i have been lonely for years and don't know how many more years I will be lonely
andrewj2014 andrewj2014
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You don't need a partner to eliminate loneliness. I've seen lonely people in relationships.

do you feel lonely because you have no girlfriend or because you dont have nobody around you. Or is it another reason why you feel lonely ?

Sort of the first 2

i dont know its a difficult situation to feel alone, no matter the reasons. Advices dont will change a situation, but sometimes an opinion about an new point of view. Beeing single also have good points, they gave you the liberty to make things that you couldnt do in a relationship. Try if it is possible not to focus on your lonelynes, try to take advantage of your situation. Maybe so you also will met someone who you can love. You have clear feelings and thats beautiful, im sure you will find a woman who will give you the feeling not beeing alone.

I feel the same