Can I Get A Hug?..........
ChocolateCloud ChocolateCloud
18-21, F
21 Responses Aug 20, 2014

If you lay on your front and expand your arms you are hugging anything you are laying on. Today I hugged my carpet, my bed and the fridge because there was no one home..

I like that,

hug x100


Because maybe you made yourself an outcast.

I'm the hug monster woooo . I'll hug you tight till you turn blue and your eyes pop out :) lol just kidding , only until you turn blue :)


yes why not

If its over a movie and some pizza, then yes


..i'll hug you this much...Hhhhhmmmmmmmmm

Hug ;)

Yes of course (((HUGZ))) :)

(( )) big huggs


sure ^_^

*hugs* :3

I would but i'm afraid i would look like a pee do file.

Id give you a hug

Bit daddy-like hugs!


Everyone deserves a hug now and then...