I am alone and lonely. 

I just had a huge fight with my ex boyfriend. He is pretty much the only person who has ever understood me and when we broke up it felt so wrong but at least I still had him as a friend. But I've totally upset him now. I dont think we're on talking terms anymore :(

I feel so alone now he's gone. The loneliness is just eating away at me and there isnt anyone on my IM at this time (it's nearly 3am here). And because of our fight I wont be seeing him tomorrow.

Which means I've got a lonely day ahead of me :( 

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Loneliness is very dificult, especially when you just broke up with someone. Just try to remember that it wont always be like this and that its just a phase you are going through. Just try to stay busy, focus on your job or school. It sounds crazy but it almost helps to be stressed out about something else just to get your mind off of it.<br />
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dont worry, you'll feel beter soon

i know how you feel. i left a good relationship a year ago with a great guy because i just wasn't in love with him anymore and since then i just don' t know how to be my own person, keep trying to fill that hole in my life with anybody. it'll get better though, i know it!

u know what... that mankes me really ******* horney