What is a friend really?
Someone you can tell anything to, and who's always there for you?
Or just someone you see once in a while, but don't tell everything to?

Lately I've been questioning what a good friend really is.
And I came to the conclusion that I have no friends.
It might sound harsh, but it's the truth.

I don't have anyone who I can tell everything to, I learned that I have to deal with my problems on my own.
Be it loneliness or something else.
Because that one time I need someone, there is no one.
And once they arrive, it's usually already too late.
Because I had to cheer myself up.

Of course there is one person I enjoy hanging out with.
But the truth is that maybe that's because we don't see each other so often.
There will always be things I never tell anyone.
I also think that the people around me not having the same interests as I is a big part of this problem.

Because when I have something I really like, I can't talk to them about it.
They either don't know what it is, don't feel like watching or listening.
And that makes me sad.
Because there are so many things that make me so happy and excited, but the only one I can talk to about that is my mother.
Although I also know she just listens to make me happy, she won't remember it.

So I'm friendless.
But over time I learned to accept that, and thought myself how to deal with my emotions on my own.
Because in the end it all comes down to one thing.
You come to this earth alone, and you will leave it alone.
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9 Responses Aug 21, 2014

But I find time after time, that If I need the answer to a problem, and that problem involves no one but me, then I always come to the conclusion that I am the problem. I can change myself, that's not hard, it's others that I have trouble with. It's much easier when the problem is within yourself because I can literally take the problem and make it vanish. Too many people try to change the stuff around then to fix things, but the reason the things need fixing is because of me.

That was very well said. I couldn't agree more. Others can't really give you good advice because in the end the decision isn't up to them, but to you.

Although I'm not friendless, I deal with emotions entirely on my own. I have two great friends and that's it, no one else. But for me, dealing with my own emotions is better, if I ask for advice, I get advice from someone that is NOTHING like me, meaning my two best friends. They are great, but I am different too, so they really prove to be no help when it comes to dealing with my problems. I have found time after time that they can help each other, and unless it's a night drinkin by the bonfire then they can't help me with my problems.

A good friends is a friend who doesn't envy you.
She gets happy for you when something good happens to you, but you will rarely find a friend like that.
It's like you have to hide your awesome traits these days or else they will leave as jealousy as an excuse.

You're a younger version of myself...*hugs*

*hugs back*

I know where you're coming from. I only started to notice this sad truth about a year ago. Yes, it is hard, yes it will take a while to get used to, but believe me... There will come a time when you will accept these harsh facts and realise that you yourself ate the only one you can count on. You are and should be your own best friend. Take care.

Dealing with things that way isn't good. Your emotions will start to eat away at you. I've done it too, isolate myself and bottle my emotions. Friends can come from even the more surprising places.

That's the thing, I don't bottle it up. I let them out, by myself. I can deal with my emotions quite well.

Oh. Didn't know that. That's good.

Wow all of that exactly is how I feel, I feel for you

Poor kid. You are learning that in life, most "friends" are of the "acquaintance" variety, and more shallow than otherwise. They are there for you if you keep things light, and if you are having fun. Otherwise, they are busy elsewhere having fun with someone else and they are living their own lives.

It is rare indeed to find a "bestie"...a best friend....male or female....who is always there when you need them. Someone who picks up the phone every time just as you do...someone who invites you over, and will come over to your house when you invite them. Someone who will help you when you need help, and you will help them when they need help. To have a friend, be a friend.

The sad part is, I am such a friend. Just no one else is for me.

I am in the same position I am no friends really when it comes down to it who do I talk too

Most of the time that really sucks, doesn't it?