its been such a long time i didnt post here , i was thinking maybe i have to write something to feel releived
the last two years i have been swyaing between feeling lonely and finding a partner , the first time i find someone i feel kinda secure and i enjoy my first days ,but that never last for long because none made me feel emotionally releived , its always about not understanding my sensetive and romantic nature ,im nit blaming none , im just saying that BEING LONELY is a fact ,people who r going through the same experience as me should never seek love or true friendship they should accept their loneliness and live with it , there is nothing wrong with being lonely , its normal we just avoid thinking of others and we ll be fine ourselves
if we dont do that we ll always live waiting and getting disappointed and it hurts soo bad !!
i hope evryone feeling lonely and sad about it , to think of this ,and please it is not weird ,special people never find those who are worth them company
cutekakashi cutekakashi
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yeah.. true... :| . waiting and getting disappointed.. yeah.. it hurts a lot... I am trying to accept my loneliness. .. hope you will find the one soon....

No you're not silly u got me!! I m backkkk ;-)

hellocutekakashi me his adult baby 247 so will you please chat with me friend baby glencoe2

I remember something my friends Mother told me before she died.
She said
"First form a marriage with God, then form a marriage with someone after"

i hope u feeling better last time u were angry

I can't remember. Sorry if I was unpleasant. My moods have been so turbulent lately....

i understand honey i get angry sometimes too


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