I'm lonely and hate my looks I think I'm overweight because most people just point at me saying ill nasty fat etc and it stops me from enjoying people and asking a girl out for prom so I will probly will die lonely so it will be nice to talk with people so it would be nice to enjoy life better thank you
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16-17, M
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Relax man. You're a teen!!!
You are going through changes that will see you grow in terms of maturity. Cerebrally. And physically!
Yeah yeah another old fogey telling you this sh!+.!
BUT. It's all true!!!
Don't ever stress yourself over sh!+ other muppets say!
They are going through it too!!
And the only reason they keep on about it is because it takes the spotlight off them.....BRIEFLY!!
You have to learn to be comfortable with who you are!
Easy to say I know. Have you read half the postings on this site?
Everybody feels the same.
Too ugly. Too shy. Too short. Too awkward. Etc.
Everybody goes through it.
But your time will come.
Learn to love who you are!

I know that feeling all to well :/

Don't listen what others are saying. Just leave their opinions out, say ''I'm amazing the way I am and no one can change it''

Hey I know how u feel wanna talk