I am so lonely,going thru a divorce and I know its not a good idea to get involved with some else,what do I do
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I went through a seperation 2yrs ago , after a 18 year relationship.i made the mistake of crying onto a friends shoulder. I was lonely and vunerable, he wanted more , we had an 18 month affair.
Everyones advice here, would have saved me the heartache I went through during that affair. Its good advice and makes so much sense.
To get over my affair, which I finished, I just filled up my days with so many things to do, that I just didnt have too much time to feel lonely. I went to bed exhausted everynight, but at least I fell to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillows, no time to overthink or cry myself to sleep.
Ep is a good place to play while your life adjusts.
I hope you find the right pathway for you, xxx

Don't jump the gun. Get thru the divorce first


Concentrate on ending your marriage as amicably as you can.
If you have kids. Make them your priority.
Secure your job,home and assets.
Once you've tended and consistently concentrated on these, THEN is the time to have some fun.
But make sure that they know fun is what you need right now rather than a full on relationship.

Thank you,I will definitely apply your advice to my situation

What JustTed said.


Stay to yourself. I tried dating during my divorce turned out I was with an even more unstable person.

Thank you,that is one of my fears as well,I will try my best