I am not happy with my love life.
Ever since a year passed and we were together, he started to change. He used to love me more, wrote to me more,cared more. And now I just feel like he's bailing on me.
What should I do?
Marlene33 Marlene33
3 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Talk to him about it if you haven't already . Let him know how you feel. Also it goes both ways . What do you do to show him how much you love him ???

I sing , or I physical activities...

Don't ever depend on a man to make u happy. Sorry if that sounds bitter but I know what I'm talking about:(

Yeah sadly, this is the truth :(

If you're unhappy, what's the point of staying with him?

seems like a fair question...

It's like you can't stop loving him, he's a charmer.