You keep me grasping for phrases
Through the smoke and smoldering blazes,
And it still always amazes me how I’m reminded of your love
Since I'm losing this vivid view;
An everlasting vision of you
Cloaked in a reddish hue with the future we had dreamed of.

How keen the weary are
When their pasts have drifted far
And are laden with painful scars. They are forced to chase a memory,
They drive their own obsession;
You feed my emotion's recession,
And your augmenting oppression sends me into fractured reverie

Where the signs speak of no token
And the paths are shattered, broken,
And our happiness that reigned is now heaped upon the floor.
For a heart that starts to hollow
And finds no one here to follow
Becomes drained and waned, yet feigns for the world and me to abhor.

The thoughts that have competed
With your image have all receded
And my figure remains seated; defeated and bereaved.
As I watch your silhouette
In my mind do pirouettes,
It soon still forgets your affection I received.

My want is nearly pathetic
And my joy has become synthetic.
I will use all form of rhetoric to describe your motif
Which is fleetingly ephemeral,
But your eyes are still memorable,
Made of spectacular emeralds and sapphires in gold leaf.

As the paths all wash away
And the night soon swallows day,
I could beg for you to stay, but it would surely go unheard.
How long does a feeling last
When, in light fading fast,
It turns back toward the past and becomes pointless and absurd?

Socrates has taught
That if you must drink the hemlock,
Then make sure you have sought and wrought not an ounce relief.
Now I have downed the potion
Since my life has ceased all motion
And my unwavering devotion will serve the foundation of my grief;

For the raven, still on Pallas,
Still spits speech of spite and malice
With a penchant for callous and untoward colloquy.
It’s talons pierce my soul;
Misery be its goal,
And in aeternum on the scroll in taunting tongue remains your legacy.
MrTimothyMcNeil MrTimothyMcNeil
22-25, M
Aug 21, 2014