Everyone has someone but the person I need the most isn't there for me. At home sucks and I'm constantly made fun of, called names, ignored.. And it's like I can never win. I want change but my mother won't allow it. I just want to feel okay about myself but I don't and I just can't. I started getting bad anxiety lately over summer and my depression has really settled in. I feel like my options of fixing things are getting depleted. And I just don't know how to please anyone anymore. Everything is always my fault. And I'm so sick of people telling me things will get better or I need to do something about it bc it's been like this for months and it keeps getting worse.
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Hi bby dolls message me anytime I left my family behind cuz I don't beleave in the way they are so I'm alone to if u want to chat I know where ur coming from

Yeah I know the feeling. Anything I do will just make the situation worse and if I don't do anything it's still going to get worse. I feel like I can't do anything without making things worse. But if you need anyone to talk to you can message me anytime.

It will get worse until those bad experiences become who you are

Stab someone and people will ignore rather than call you names. People suck. We push people down to cover our own insecurities.

when we have things like school to show up to and people to talk to, even if they aren't our friends, then we don't have time to be depressed as much. but when summer comes around you have a lot of time to stew in all that stuff. ~_ ~

My school life is terrible though.

yeah, but at least it keeps you busy. it's easy to feel like trash when we don't do anything or meet anyone. Idk if it's like that for you or not tho

I had friends in school one of the most popular but I hated school with a passion