I have two kids that are grown and never put me in their life.
The married out of their race and they go to their family only. The grandkid are grown and they have never called me or wanted to see me. My kids expected me to send gifts and that is it.
I divorced 2 yrs ago due to his drinking and the love went down the drain right away. We slept in separate rooms for 3 yrs f the 7 yr marriage. He changed. He never was physical with me. I have a temper and I tazed him once and I would really never allow a man to touch me. I lost my money because we combined it. I cannot move out till I get it. It is sad being alone n a marriage and with the loss of my kids and grandkids. They say carma comes around if you wait long enough.
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I feel your pain. I have an estranged stepdaughter who is expecting in December. I wonder if I will ever see my grandchild.

The only thing I can say is; Your heart will hurt less if you can't be close. I don't know how these kids of today tick!

I don't know what ur religion is but if I may say this god has a plan and sometimes in that plan their are bumps and you just gotta walk over them and get the the other side of it so just pray and hopefully god answers an things become clear and better

That will be wonderful!

God is there no matter how far u try to push him away he is there and has a plan for u just believe in him and keep pushing forward sister!

That sounds really tough. All I can say is things will eventually get better.