He called me today screaming "do you remember me?! Huh?! Do you?!"
And started accusing me of cheating 2 months back... I had a panic attack. But tried to talk calm and clear.

I feel so worthless so guilty , he started saying things like "no wonder why your family neglects you".

He started telling me my friends are talking about me behind my back and I have no real friends. I told him to stop and leave me alone and I still tried to justify that I didnt . I can't even step out of my door without being paranoid.

I'm so suicidal. I want to die to be honest. I thought I was doing so well, so ******* well. But no I have to get reminded I have a feeling he will do this every month he claims he's waiting for the time I basically come clean and apologize for being such dirt.

My therapist told me to tell my friends I'm scared so they have a heads up especially in this time.where he's building his anger and reasons again.
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I read this and I know it's hard for you to see clearly through all the emotions...just like sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees...but this guy is emotionally abusing you, and you need to change your phone number so he won't be able to call you anymore. He has so many red flags waving for an abuser you should run screaming away from your phone every time you see his number come up on caller id.

It's very easy to change your phone number. Do it now. Take this horror show out of your life.

AND if he ever comes anywhere near you, your home or your school or your work, you go to the police and you file a restraining order immediately. That will keep him away. And the police will talk to him and tell him he has to stay away from you.

He's the one with the problem. You can't treat somebody like that and claim you love them. He has no idea how love works you can't just say it and expect it to be so. When two are in love it's a on going never ending project that you both enjoy working on to strengthen that love

i agree with the part were he's in the wrong, which he is acting very immature but love makes us irrational. But i don't believe that love is a never ending project love fades, it dies, it withers. sad to say it but its true and sometimes love can last a lifetime in those rare accounts but don't put your hope in that fairy tale love story

I agree but knowing it makes us irrational is not an excuse for hurtful behavior. yes love does die and fade. If both are not willing to go in and happily pull weeds then eventually weeds will choke it out love will become a burden for one taken for granted for another love is hard work but is worth it if all are in for the long hall. Isn't it easier if both are equally open about their feelings. If the amount of love isn't equal then it should be allowed to fade no matter how painful. In the end love is just a tricky thing that is almost impossible to catch but it can be caught so I think it's worth the work. I hope this made some sense as I am tired been up all night working


Hey if u need a girl to talk to msg me anytime I would never talk behind ur back I respect people more then that it's just a lowlife like thing to do