One of my frnd never msg me first and whenever I msg her, she wd reply only wishes and will say either "my mom is calling" or "sm guests hv arrived" and leaves. Wt does it mean? Is she nt interested to maintain frndship?
Galadabau Galadabau
31-35, M
3 Responses Aug 22, 2014 personal experience......either she is mad at you for something or someone is already there with whom she feels more comforting and happier,you mean nothing to her or a very very rare chance she is really busy.....

Start by actually typing in the words buddy, your style of texting is quite absurd.

It's maybe your fault you did something wrong to her, or most probably if she's jealous of you, she'd run away from you

No I nvr did wrong to her in any way. We used to talk like bro and sis