Just want to vent. I want a cuddle so bad even my cat wont come near me. I have no one everything is such a mess and I wish I was anyone else but me right now.
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Your cat is probably sick of looking at ye, with talk like that i bet you got a sour face to match lol cheer up ffs go out and get drunk and shag something tut tut

Haha so easy for you to say. Thanks anyway

There is plenty of guys out there you would have to be a ugly cnt if you cant find one, are you fit?

Your comments arent helpful. Why does my lonliness have to be bc I dont have a guy in my life? How do you know I dont? I write these stories to vent your attitude is amusing im sure youre great to hang around with but I dont appreciate your comments on here so please, I get that you think I need to get a life and drink and shag and all that but you dont know me and none of that would make me happy there is more to life than meaningless shags and getting drunk

True, i dont know what to tell you hun, sounds like your smart enough to figure it out yourself, i'm a disaster tbh hahaha i'm probably the last person you should take advice from, i had just finished working 16 hour shift when i wrote that, sorry if i upset you that wasn't my intention.

No worries

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Wanna be me?
I'll let you pay my bills, cut the grass and clean my kitchen while I put on your sexiest clothes and be a wanton young woman for the night.

(*hugs*) I hope you're doing okay. If you ever need to talk or vent, please don't hesitate to message me.

I will cuddle you! Vent your problems on me! Message me! X

Its ok. Thank you though you are kind

I could do with a friend x

Message me xx

I would like to talk xx

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