I just feel so lost. Everything seems so gray. I walk around and I see people and I just seem empty faces. I'm lonely. I feel sad, and I know that this too will come to pass, but it doesn't make the present any less disheartening.
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We're just the same.

Hi man, i used to feel what you feel, i'd go clubbing and still feel lonely. I would feel emotionless not even sad, rather i would feel confused about why that is. But i overcame that, i realised it wasn't the situation or those around me it was me.

Remember one thing the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. think about that man. i hope everything gets better for you man.

I'm feeling the same way tonight.
So. At least we know we're not the only dudes feeling like ****.

I too know how you feel. I went clubbing after many years. I don't fit in any more. I look around. Everybody is having fun. Just sitting there watching others. I came home and am currently still drinking.

Do you want someone to talk too?

Thanks man, I'm trying to work it all out. My ex girlfriend has found someone else. I always knew that she'd be the first to find a new....person in her life. I was always ready for this day, but despite that readiness it still hurts like hell. I think I'll live, but it's just hard.

Ok well I can be your younger wingman KAKA!!! Lol jk

Ok joking over. If you ever want to talk I'm all ears.

I know how you're feeling, it's difficult when the other person seems to be able to move on so quickly

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