Why am I so alone?
I have always felt lonely since I was 13.
I have no siblings. And I'm not close with my relatives. I had some close friends, since I was 13, but I lost them. They changed. I did not. I did not left anyone.
I was just 16 and I met girl. I falled in love with her. When I had my relationship with her, I did not need anyone. She was my everything. 8 months ago she broke up with me, I just don't know why. She just said she doesn't like me anymore. Or she is tired of me or sth like that.
2 months ago she came back to me again.
She treated very lovely. I could not believe. After 6 months of being sad, she came back and made me happy again. I talked to her 24 hours a day. We were very nice together.
But 2 weeks ago, she just broke uo with me again with the same reason. I just don't believe. I'm so sad. I'm so alone. I have no close friends. No siblings. Just alone in my room. I have no one to share my moments with. I'm just so sad and tired of lonliness. I lost the person that I've loved for about 5 years. I feel hopeless.. No one around me.
Just my wasting my time... Listening to sad music in my room. I don't know what to do...
FullTimeAloneBoy FullTimeAloneBoy
22-25, M
Aug 23, 2014