I Feel Lonely All the Time

I'm so tired of being sad and lonely. I work harder then anyone I know to meet someone and I've been alone for 4 years now. Everyone I've dated in that time has told me they don't want a relationshop and left me. It's been horrible and it just happened with someone I wanted to be with forever. I'm 27 years old. I have a good job and a lot of friends. I go on dates a couple times or more a month. I'm very social and out going and can talk to anyone. I'm in good shape and am quite good looking according to most guys I meet. I get a lot of attention from guys. NONE of them, (well NONE of the guys I like) ever want to date me. I can't understand why???

It's getting harder and harder to be alone. I see girls with their babys and husbands on the street every day and want to cry. All I can think of is that there is no one who likes me enough to even return a phone call and she has a man who comes home to her every night and a baby to love all day.

I don't understand why some women are loved and some, like me, are just used and thrown away over and over. I don't think I can take it anymore.

cickass cickass
26-30, F
Aug 14, 2007