I don't want to die alone. It is probably my biggest fear. The last few years I have not even had a single date, and that scares me too. I try not to think about it, but it often comes to mind. I think that the inability to get a date with a girl has begun to compound the notion of me ending up alone, and makes it harder for me to ask people out. Im just a big ball of insecurity, and I honestly have no clue what to do next.
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how about we gather up and die in groups?? i also afraid to do it alone

A big hug for u brother!

don't let your fear overtake your life ^_^ , if you want somebody to talk to I'll be here ;)

Trust me sometimes its better to be single cause you know why your alone instead of in a relationship and trying to figure out why your partner doesn't want to send time with you.

You won't die alone. Just work on building up your self-confidence, whatever that may entail. Girls love confident guys (but not in a cocky sort of way, so don't get too carried away) so once you feel more confident, they'll come flocking to you, I'm sure. Personally, I hate being single, and I understand the concern but I have to take the time to remember that I'm young, I don't want to force something, and someday the "right one" will show up. Take time to do things for you. For example, I'm planning a trip to Europe, and I really don't want some guy holding me down anyway. The less you worry about it, the better chance you'll have of finding someone. It's one of those strange universal laws. So, dear online companion, good luck on your journey to being your awesome self ;-)

Hugs :))))

I feel the same way. I had my first boyfriend when I was in college. It didn't go well. Now all that I see on Facebook is everyone getting married and having kids. All I think of is can I just find someone to date or just someone to talk to. If you need someone to talk to I'm around.

you need to practice the notion of interacting with people in real life , at least you won't feel all left out in this world!

I hear you! After breaking up with the girl I was seeing in high school I went 8 years without a date. EIGHT. It sucked and I'm currently single. A few months back, though I was seeing 3 girls at the same time. I kept it casual just enjoying dating them and it turned out that none of them were the one but there is hope.

PS sometimes it's better to just hang out with the guys and set girls aside. Have you noticed that your friend couples were never really looking when it happened for them?

Has someone close been alone? Grandparent maybe? You're really young and dating doesn't mean forever. It is what it is, for fun, you'll know when it's the one. Maybe the fear of has to before ever or alone is preventing you from just dating. Relax and enjoy and the rest will come. What will be.

You should talk with some boys who have many gfs and they will show you how to do that. To me, there are no differences between men and girls but being with them, you need to practice 2 things: 1. Polite and gallant 2. Patient audience to listen what they say.

a bigger fear would be never having a relationship your whole life (checked!) and die hoping to be in one :(

I have never even touched or kissed a girl . I suck at everything

Stop. I get so mad at kids felling like that at your age. Not made at you, mad at the age thing. There's loads of boys, AND girls, your age that have never been on a date, never had a kiss. And you know what? It's Ok. It's not weird, it's not abnormal , it's OK. And shocker.....it's NORMAL. Most stories you hear? Not true.

i haven't met one and im almost 20

Almost 20 is a baby. I know when you're that age you don't think so. But what's the rush? Cause dad says so? Friends? Most of it is bullshit. Or being a baby daddy makes you a man? And if you aren't or haven't even kissed you aren't a man? Let me tell you, you have to be a man first before anything else. A woman wants a man, not a boy. A man is grown, responsible, kissing, sex, that's all bullshit. When you're a man, you'll know how to kiss a woman. It won't be a boy kissing a girl. You'll know when it's right and it will curl her toes. A man kissing a woman. It doesn't need practice. It just is.

Yeah i get mad at the same thing too. i mean kids below 20 are too young to be feeling lonely, not wanted, stuff like that. They have their Whole lives ahead of them! they should just enjoy making friends and doing things.

but when they get to MY age and still single and have always been, THAT'S when they should feel unwanted. because everyone is already married and no one wanted you. sigh..

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