Aright, yes I'm young. Is that a problem? I know I haven't lived my life yet and I shouldn't be worried about relationships and blah blah. But ask anyone, and most will say, that junior high was some of the worst years of their lives. Everyone gets a bf/gf and then they do get one, it lasts a couple weeks, and poof. Gone and on to the next one. It seems a lot that I'm the only girl, who wants a lasting relationship. I'm not the kind of girl who would date you, leave you, date another guy, leave him, and then date another. I think that **** is childish and stupid. Seriously, why would you do that to someone? Anyway, yeah, I'm so freaking lonely.(Hence the title) It seems all the time that I'm the only girl around that wants something real. Something that will last. I just want someone to be with, someone to hold me and love me and wipe away all my tears. Is that too much to ask?
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True and real. All I want. I can feel u...

This is exactly how I feel, I just never new how to put it into words before.

Someone who understands, this is new :D Did the words do your feelings justice?

I wouldn't say they did justice, cause they're words, but at least other people can somewhat understand now.