I cry a lot... I wish I had friends and I don because I moved so much. I have a lot of issues and people hate me because they don't understand. Anyone I was ever "friends" with was a user. I would just love to have someone who loved my like a true friend.
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from all your posting I see you have travel a long hard road . but don't give up faith for you are never really a lone . and as you continue your journey you well meet and make new friends who will love and cherish you .

it hard when people dont understand you but you have to keep on believing that there is someone that is going to be there with you and understand you and if ever you're going to find a friend, just be you if they dont like you, then find another. Find someone who can cope with you, who likes you for who you are that you dont have to be someone youre not when youre around them :)

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If you need someone to talk to. Or a friend :) I do too so message me whenever

Cheer up! :)

Lets be friends?