I Am Lonely In My Relationship

I love my man but we have gotten to the point in a relationship where people become too comfortable and they no longer do the things they once did. Don't get me wrong I know that he loves me and when we are together it is great. We are in are mid to late 30's and he doesn't mind txting me through out the day. He will tell me he is thinking of me and that he loves me and it started to go down the crazy road of conversating through our blackberry's. Now my generation called our girlfriends and boyfriends and wrote notes in class and even fell asleep at night talking on the phone. This generation is totally texting,emailing, conversing and now sexting. I am not used to that. I have told him that I prefer calls to texting. We are comfortable but I feel that it might start to get too comfortable and that's when people begin to complain,get angry and look for what they are missing elsewhere. I love him too much to let things slide and not try to make it work. But right now I feel very lonely even though I am in a relationship.
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Type your comment here...I agree. When I think about sexting, I am talking about the very young boys and girls who show their naked bodies. I totally believe in SEXY talk with my man. We talked late last night and he is the type of man that is compassionate but can joke a lot. That upsets me only when I am talking to him that is so important. Because I have been married and I know how quickly things can go wrong and if you ignore them, you end up in Divoce court!

Don't allow these feelings to continue. You need to talk to him, plan a weekend away, a romantic dinner. I think sexting is fun and spices things up. Is your sex life good? Tha's extremely important.