I want someone I can tell everything to.
Someone I can be there for when things go wrong
Someone that is there for me
Someone that doesn't think it's wierd that I cut and actually understands
Someone who I can cuddle and hold hands and hug and kiss.
Someone who likes to just hang out and talk about life sometimes
Someone who I'm not afraid to cry in front of
Someone that will love me as much as I love her
I need someone
I miss that person even though I don't k who she is yet
Please be here soon
I'm not sure how much longer i'll last alone
ImNotReallyFine ImNotReallyFine
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 24, 2014

she'll come one day. hold it out, she probably needs you as much as u need her. I'm here if u need to vents xx

I'm gonna go to sleep now, but maybe later :)

hold on a little longer kiddo

I'm so sad
So alone
So afraid