Won't Sacrifice Personal Space For Company

I'm a very private kind of person and work best when I'm alone. I find that I'm more focused and efficient on a task at hand whenever I'm independent. I dislike stereotyping people who are quick to label solitary people as lonely, social losers. For starters, I'm not desperate to be with somebody. In fact, I function better when I'm alone, like I've mentioned. Regardless, humans are biologically wired to have social needs. As much as I'd like to do without friends completely, it's technically impossible. Nature has made socialising compulsory to survive on earth. I love being with friends who I can be my real self in spite of their presence and I'm happy to have 1-2 such friends. They're truly gems in this hypocritical and judgemental society. Some people say "stay close to your friends but even closer to your enemies". I disagree. Stay away from your people who you dislike, unless you must work with them. Behave professionally when the situation calls for it, but keep it real as far as living is concerned. Why waste a minute of life sucking up to somebody who isn't worth your time? To hell with niceties and pleasantries. My life is too short to play with society. I don't live for others. At the end of the day, I go through the process of death alone. I'd like to die happy knowing that I've lived a honest and truthful life.
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1 Response Aug 15, 2007

I find your attatude refreshing, you know what you want and are living your life accordingly... Bravo