I have been feeling so lonely lately. My family has been having multiple issues. My mom is having a lot of medical issues which means she can't work so we are down one income. I only have a part time job. We are trying to figure out financial issues and I don't know what to do. I have no one to really talk to. My so called friends know that my mom has been having issues but have not asked how she is doing or even just talk to me in general. I know "it's my own fault" is what a number of people say. I am just so upset what I should do or what I need to do. I try to keep it together and not let my parents know I am worried as well because that hurts my mom. But I do worry all the flipping time. It's always going through my mind. I am just tired of so much and can only take so much more. I am going to snap if things keep going and things keep getting added on to my plate. Thanks for listening!
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2 Responses Aug 25, 2014

I hope that you realize that by being here on EP you will not be alone anymore. I know how hard it is to have financial problems and being a single father, one income is all we have. I do the best I can for my children.
I know you worry about your mother and I hope she gets better soon.
I am sorry for your financial situation but I hope this changes soon for the better so you may have some peace.
Hang in there and keep showing the love for your family that you already do.

all is well