I'm 23 years old, and I have no friends. Acquaintances yes, but no close friends. I haven't hung out with someone I can call close or a good friend since early 2012. So I try and keep busy with work or school. I feel lonely.
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yup same here. when people try to talk to me i don't give a good response coz i have no friends and its difficult now to get along with people.

To make a friend, try being one first.

Thank you Dr.phil

You know what. I'm trying to HELP YOU. So many people think things in life are supposed to come to them, so they don't make an effort to go out and get what they want.
If you don't appreciate help, get off this site.

Your comment wasn't helpful to me. I have always been a good friend. Maybe if you would have scrolled down to read on why I have this situation. And not just comment and assume that I'm not a good friend. Also this website is not just asking for "help" it's for sharing. Sharing experiences, stories, and life situations. So NO I'm not getting off this website. And please don't bother responding, you are a waste of my time.

im 25 and feel the same way. I have a group of acquaintances i see often but i can tell they are indifferent to me. IMO, i feel that most people do not want new friends and that most people really just dont cut it for me. I get a lot oout of discussing issues about the world and the universe whatever you wanna call it, but most ppl around me just want to tgalk about football and BRAVO tv. its a shame but i chalk it up to living in America where most ppl are ignortant to the real issues of life. good luck!

Extremely. It causes me to isolate and just ponder my own thoughts. That and I've learned the art of going out solo in hopes to meet those with an actual idea of their own

So you are saying people around you talk about really shallow topics, while you have more important topics you want to discuss?

That makes me sound so stuck up
Haha. But yea, ultimately. When all people talk about is shallow things such as clothes, cars, tv shows, etc... It can get really depressing because that's not what is important in this world. There's so many real, interesting issues and ideas out there that deserve the time to be talked about. I just get more out of talking about important topics than shallow ones.

It's fake convo and most people generally say the same things

THANK YOU!!! and no it doesn't make you shallow. It's actually pretty sad how our society makes us think we are either shallow or stuck up for talking about real matters of the world. Rather than talking about what Kim kardashian wore to her f-ing wedding.

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I feel you.. I've been always having so many friend until I had to move to another country.. The mentality of the people here just doesn't fit with me.. like none.. I know some people but we aren't close.. It really feels lonely..

I know how you feel, I just recently had to make a big move to another city. Its really tough.

Join a club something you like. Look on the net and see if something is out there. Must be a few things you like

yup. add me to the group. don't really miss it all that much as people irritate me in real life. the virtual world works so much better for me.

Wish my mind could think like yours.

I know the feeling. In school i never had any close friends my best friend was my cousin who was in another school anyway so it didn't help that much... I was like the nerd of my grade and the quiet one... And it didn't help that my cousin went overseas so i had no one during my final year at school. When I started college I was really nervous because I'm shy but when I got there this Asian girl and another girl and I started talking to them. I was nervous but I just pushed through it... It turns out it is easier to make friends with people who share the same interests in career choices etc. Anyway a few days later another girl joined our group, it's now four years later and we are still the best of friends... Just be easy on yourself and take a deep breath and then strike up a simple conversation... Sometimes the best friendships result from a simple sentence...

I can understand that. I feel the same way at times. I just remind myself that I would rather have a handful of close friends than a large amount of acquantainces. Find one person you click with or have something in common with, and focus on building on that. Use your work and school environments in order to do that. Invite that one person out for coffee or whatever and build it from there. Remember any close friendship requires commitment, time and energy. I know there is no easy answers though. It can be hard making friends when we are older. I often think its amazing how easy young children find the task. They play together with no hesitation. Adults seem to find it so much tougher and we put so much more pressure on ourselves. It can be a lonely world out there. Good luck!



cheer uppp

Well when your successful you can have your pick, trust me stay focused on your carer its more important

Well if your okay with online friends shoot me a message and lets chat :)

Thank you :)

Sorry I didn't reply sooner works been hectic the last few days. How have you been?

It's time for you to date!

U think?? Hahaha

See now your thinking positive, dont worry love if your a good person you will get what you deserve, nice things happen to nice people, and ye old folks are cool

My job is whats kept me busy to be honest and I think its the success I'm after and I'm missing out on a lot.

lol your never alone , you just need to get a life and venture and try and make new friends, stop sitting and just do it , stop and get off that pitty pot

Fking hell i dont know, go to bingo then haha

Ahahahaha maybe I will, I can make some elderly friends. They are awesome!

I'll talk to u

Awww that's sweet of you, thank you

Your welcome

So how are you

I am feeling much better now, so many people gave such food advice and tons offered an ear to hear me out!


I'm sonic btw

Sonic? Woah cool name. I'm Gina

Nice name your self

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~ hugs ~

:D xoxo

:D xxoxxo

Try do stuff like go out clubbing or something thats how you meet new people, if you have a good job my advice would be concentrate on that.

Lolll ya I will definitely try going clubbing on my "own" that's not scary or dangerous at all!!

You gotta get out now and then. It's an old excersize we call socializing. You should try it.....

Now days socializing is all either Fbook or clubbing. Which I'm not a fan of

Here in the city where that I live, almost every weekend there is a car show or maybe some kind of festival. And I know it sounds odd, but you just go. If that means going alone, then go alone, but go. I'll bet that where you live you could find similar events. And if you are way out in the country somewhere then pack a bag and head to the big city. Last weekend I went to a car show alone. Met up with some folks l didn't previously know and had a blast......doing nothing, just drinking beer and telling stories. Two weeks ago it was a motorcycle show on a local lake. Same story, ran into one old friend, the she and I made some new friends. This weekend coming...... Not totally sure just yet, but thinking about a short trip up into The Blue Ridge Mountains. But one thing is for certain, I'm doing something, I have to. I really do work for the weekend. You just have to decide to stop waiting on somebody that may or may not call and start living. It's really that easy.

Thank you, I was planning on going for a trip maybe I will make friends there

I'll make an offer to you. But of course I gotta put the qualifiers out there. So..... This is not a pick up attempt, you are young, I am much older, and I have a hang-up with age.... It's really what I say it is. I am in Atlanta, Georgia. If ever you are in the area just drop me a line here, I'll let you know how to reach me and I'll show you how to have a good time with strangers. Good, clean, honest fun. If you never do it....no biggie, I'm just putting it out there. You see, that's how you make friends, you take a chance. Yes, you do have to be cautious, but you also don't have to stay locked behind your door in the safety of your home.

Thank you for the offer!! I will definitely take it up when and if I ever come up to Atlanta Georgia :D you're a sweet heart! Thank you!

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This goes hand in hand with my life not being where I want it to bed. A few years ago I had good friends and a halfway decent social life but since I dropped out of HS my life has been at a total standstill. No job, no schooling and no friends. But tomorrow I start my first day of college. Hopefully I'll manage to at least say Hi to someone if my social anxiety will allow it.

Wow that's so exciting! Don't let your anxiety get the best of you. I'm 100% sure you will definitely meet people. Don't make the mistake I did. I just lived in my past and re-lived my friendships and the memories in my head and it prevented me from making friends, which has lead to as you can see my post! So have fun tomorrow!

In two years, I can see myself in your shoes. My best friends will have moved on too bigger and better things, and I will be alone on my couch stoned alone. Sad isn't it. But not now, I need to embrace what I have now.

Mine didn't really move on to better things. They just left.

Hmmm, I my friends did that to me, if probably kill them. But, I fear that in 2 years I won't be as good of friends with them, only to watch them leave slowly. It will slowly kill me inside, and I will watch it happen

Well in that case, if I were you don't believe in what you think is gonna happen.It really screws everything up. Make sure you do everything you can to keep your friendship and for as long as you can

I know, and I will do that, but there's not many ways to stop your friends from getting married and having a family, and consequently fading from your life. I want what's best for them, and unfortunately what's best of them isn't best for me. And to add to that, I can't be getting drunk with my friends out by the bonfire at my dad's house forever. Everything good has to come to an end, I just choose to block it out.

Why don't you ever want a family of your own?

I just don't, but I'm young. That could certainly change. As I now though I don't. I could never give that kind of trust to a woman. Too risky. That is way to much of myself out in the hands of someone else. I can't miss the family I never had.

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I haven't had friends since well ever. Ik how you feel.

Then, let's be friends?

Definitely yes :)

I'm actually a good friend one of the very few good qualities I feel good about myself I have always been a great friend so if u want a friend I will b ur friend

I do need a friend, I would love that. Thank you

Message me n tell me wats goin on I give great advice now if only I could take my own advice I would love that

Me neither, I mean I do have Internet friends but no one in real life. I edit movies and people think that it's weird and they all talk about beauty experts, and I'm not into all that. I'm into jackets, short tops, jeans, and boots. I don't understand why I can't be more like them.

You should be your self, I know you've probably heard it a million times but its the truth. I guess our only problem is that we have no friends loll

I'm outgoing though, I just end up saying something stupid T^T

Awww what you say to them probably makes sense, but it just doesn't to them. So that makes them stupid, not you :) .

Thanks!:) I really appreciate the nice gesture.

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Sure, I would love to chat and get to know you. Please add me.

I've been in that spot and still sometimes at the moment but being busy usually will make your day go smoothly until the end of the day once you realize your asleep. Traveling and meeting new people will help pass by the loneliness. So don't lose hope.

Ya it does make the day go by real fast, I work and I get involved it and I don't even realize how fast the day is over. But then there are those days or nights specially weekends, I would love to hang out and have fun. But there's no one to do that with. And before I know it a whole week,month or year has gone by

Yea once many weekends pass by you'll get used to just dealing with it sadly. But try making like movie night a or a small gathering of friends and co workers during the weekends. Just make sure your comfortable with the people your around with so that you can little by little get out of your shell and be close to a specific friend.

I live basically that same life, sept i think mine was more going on twenty years since i had a good friend. im sorry youre going through that. Its really hard now adays to connect with people on a "real" level because people tend to make themselves come across as a lot more complex than they really are. I dont know whats up with that. But for what its worth id love to make a good friend, or at least give it a shot and see what happens. Message me if you feel like talking. I think what ive learned is you just have to keep plowing through all the bad maybe like a 1000 people sometimes until you find that one person you actually connect with and its worth its weight in gold :) Either way i know you dont know me but you can take this as the truth, I wish you all the luck in the world finding that friend/friends, because everybody deserves to have friends in their lives. Even me despite what the world would have me believe. Im not giving up and i hope you wont either!

Don't worry. It is natural to see your friends less as you leave school and begin to get in the big wide world. You have to make a big effort to see your friends and it will cost you to travel to see them. Or you can join a local club and find new friends.