I just don't fit in. Even with my friends, they just group together and I'm the odd one out. I just wish I could meet someone like me.
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Same, except they all move away, anyways when they were here I was always the one being pushed off the side walk when there waseny enough room to walk.

try joining a club you have an interest in, where likeminded people will most likely congregate.

We are all different and this is what makes us each one of us.
You cant say a group of people that is only your mind putting tags but maybe you do fit in and just dont even realized it by being negative.
Be positive and just live your life :)

Whenever when I'm with more than one person which is very rare, I feel the same way.

Well, now you have or at least you have met someone who used to feel the same way. I always used to feel like I had no real friends that I was always everyone's second choice.

And that is why EP is so magnificently lovely - it is utterly impossible to be an odd one out here. Granted it isn't in the flesh, but it's something to make due with in the meantime. Hang in there.

I'm in the exact same situation, I am always out of the group and I feel unspecial..I'm really different and honestly all I want is someone to tell my secrets too and someone that goes to my school. I have a lot of Internet friends but they really aren't the same..

Yeah. It would be nice to have a best friend for once instead of friends and close acquaintances.

I have this one person I tag along with but she's always looking for her best friend lily, she also invited her to a Katy perry concert and it made me feel left out..she only talks to me when lily isn't there..I feel like a backup friend.

I know the feeling. :( (((Hugs)))

I'm glad we all can relate! I really wish that I knew you all in real life though because we would be great friends.

I think so too. Those who are lonely unite!

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