...sometimes I Want to Do Away With the Whole Structure of Our Society

My father left me, my best friend dumped me.  I am not generally an emo person, but sometimes I still feel lonely.  I don't have the vaguest idea of what I want and I feel like I'm going crazy.  Sometimes I feel like I want to do away with the whole structure of society.  I feel like I have the answer that could cure everyone's dissatisfaction.  When I explain my theories to people they think I'm a little insane (they are rather similar to those in the Celestine Prophecy- I guess it was a best seller in the eighties), that's fine, but I feel so lonely knowing they don't really understand- the way people give up on the possibilities in life so quickly.  I feel like we could be so much more, but maybe I just haven't found my place yet.  I wish I knew how to be happy.  I wish I wasn't afraid to just shirk society and go with my intincts, because I think that's the answer, but I really don't know.  

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Genius people always feel they r alone strange not because they r less no but there way of thinking "Different way of thinking"is what have brought us here today as a world.<br />
As humans we are social by nature, and to be social u have to go with the flow, which is something different people "Smarter" can't do.<br />
It would be my pleasure to accept me as a friend :) <br />
U could find ur way by studying, and take it from there do researches and studies it will absorb that energy u have and in the same field u could find people that understand :)

well yeah i know how you feel cuz ive felt that way so many times 2 and these days even more cuz i just lost my father n i have lost so many friends 2 so i totally understand how u feel