I am alone. No one is here for me. I feel so empty inside. but, i always want to avoid it and trying to understand myself everything is going fine.
It is really difficult when am having a lonely day everyday.
wake up in the morning....... go to work .......... go to library....etc. like am a robot.
No friend whom i can talk to or laugh or hang out. I miss my old friends a lot. All are busy in there life.....no contact with them...... most of them are moved away....and
some got married.
where i live my colleagues are busy with their boyfriend or husband or their own friend circle. I really miss my own friend circle.
I am so alone. I wish i had any friend.
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Hello dear girl, you are never alone because Jesus loves you so much and is there for you any time you call on His name. His Father God created you and knows all about your pain and has an awesome plan for your life. Start reading the bible and He will reveal Himself to you. First watch Joel Osteen either online anytime and you will be greatly encouraged. There are many resources to help you, Joyce Meyer is another great encourager and is available to watch online as well. Also find a church in your area and you will meet new friends and find a whole new life and maybe take a class in something that interests you and you will meet people with the same interest! You are a gift to the world so go out there and be YOU!

I feel the same way that u do my name is Adrienne I been looking for friends I'm 20 years old I live in Kentucky I feel lonely to

Its even worse when u sleep with someone else in the bed but feel less lonely when they're not there...

its ok everyone goes through this in life and you only have one or two true friends in life.. those that have a big team of so called friends you see them they just want some thing or your life. But when some thing happings in your life were did they go...there are two types of friends true friends and acquaintances friendd.. you can talk to me any time

I know how you feel. All my friends are on the opposite coast. I'm married but I feel so alone and trapped that i would rather be single

by any chance are you romanian?

Aw...felling sorry for you. You can talk to me if you want.

You aren't alone,look how many potential sexual predators there are on the internet...just waiting to soothe your sadness with their empty conversation for the possibility of nude selfies.

Haha, best answer :)

Seemed like an appropriate answer given the 300 men who jumped on this post,haha

Don't need them..........!?

Hmmm, I'm not sure if you are saying you don't need those 5,000 desperate dudes or if you are asking if I don't need neked selfies...

Am saying it.....

Any guy that had a sister would know you weren't looking to talk to a guy haha. Can't escape these ep men, I give them credit, they never skip a beat

Sounds funny

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Want to talk. I often find myself alone

Ah! I just read your message. Thats sad you are alone. Even i am in the same boat having no one to share my secrets with. Till now i am managing it. Would you like to be my friend? and Only friends... just to kill our loneliness and enjoy few moments of our life.

Life is hard. When you think your friends have your back and will always be there they're not. I miss my friends but they're happy n I'm happy for them. They went they're seperate ways while Im still here. I do my best to make the best of it.

I'm sorry too that you feel so lonely. So young... God bless you sweet angel, may you find an over abundance of new friends....

Thank you.

Dont feel lonely.iam with u chat me as much s need.send me wats up messages.96892546840

Good friends are hard to come by. Friends come and go. I myself struggle with finding friends, true friends, and find it very difficult to talk or continue on in a conversation. I know it doesn't make you feel any better knowing you are the only one to feel empty inside and alone, but I personally feel the more you attempt to talk to others, you will make a connection. Let it be a new colleague, someone random, or a online friends, you just need to learn how to be more open about yourself. Right now, the only person I talk to is my husband.Even though I am telling you to keep on trying, I am a introvert who talks only so openly about myself in-person to him. I too wish to make friends I can hang out with but struggle to find things in common when I find myself to be such a boring person. You can PM me, but I warn you, I'm a bore and lack real social skills and stutter tremendously in person.

Friends comes and go. i believe its good to avoid wrong person. Good luck and best wishes for you.

If you need some one to talk to, I'm free. I know what it's like to be alone or lonely. Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone, doesn't have it be someone right there x

Tried to say things of comfort in a message, but you don't seem to allow contact outside your circle.

As long as you're a well functioning robot! Being a broken robot is the pits... >.> You read a lot of books though?

Need to be a heartless robot...:)

Hm, EP Wizard of Oz... Now I have to develop a real thought from that, pfft.

sometimes we need to endure loneliness, unfortunately it is something with what I never get use to it. .. but chin up, hope is still there ...


You are just shy, that's all. Baby steps, you will see, the more you open up, the easier people will try to make friends with you. Good luck dear. x

I am sorry you feel so alone. Maybe on EP you will find friends and find others that are feeling just like you are feeling...Lonely. Just like me.