18 and About to Go to Uwm

I'm a guy that loves to write both poetry and short stories. I am really down to earth and i have never felt comfortable at parties, but i love going to things where there are alot of people, like conventions and things. I'm a gamer and i love anime, but more importantly i love reading a book i can get into.

What i look for in a girl is someone that is proud of who she is. Loving anime and the kind of crap i write wouldn't hurt either. beauty is less of a priority, but would be cuteness is nice.

Honestly im realistic, and i really doubt this will work, but im not so pessimistic to say i don't, at the very least, have hope.

rommel175 rommel175
18-21, M
4 Responses Mar 7, 2009

you think so? well none of them around here seem to think that

any girl would be lucky to know and love you :)

three numbers and two were guys, im doin great!!!

Keep the hope and you will do just fine!