I joined EP thinking that I might find some like minded people to talk to, and here and there I have, but I think it's just making me lonelier realizing that I don't really have anyone to talk to locally.
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well i could always come round to you then that be locally

Hi there! don't lose heart

I understand that, I too joined hoping to maybe make a few friends. However it seems harder than you think and makes me realise just how lonely I felt in in truth am. I hope things turn out better for you.

I'm definitely living in that space, caught between the hope of finding connection and the loneliness that comes with sitting in the hole that inspires the search.

I hearted your response half because of what it says and half because of your profile picture.

Another Escher fan I see. I enjoy his work very much and even have a poster of my profile pic up in my office. My more introspective clients tend to also enjoy it.

I feel the same way sometimes, but then I think about it and realize that I'm happy I'm at least talking to ANYBODY in any way.

Doesn't the wait for a response drive you a little bonkers though? When people suddenly dip out on a conversation and leave you hanging? Weeding through messages from people you could never stand?

When it's on stories I don't mind since I'm usually just talking with them in passing. I converse with my friends on here on a fairly regular basis, so I don't mind.

I'm here.

You might not have locally but on here there's hundreds that will talk with you

I guess I'm just picky then

Why do you say you're picky

I can't talk to just anybody.

In person I understand, on here no one knows you and if they get out of hand there's the block tab, in person you just have too feel them out, start with just saying Hi or good morning

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