Learning to Live One Day At a Time

I am Lonely due to being Widowed at 65.  How does

one prepare for this experience?  Just all of a sudden

you find yourself in this position, your whole world

falls apart, your companion, your soulmate, your

lover is gone and now your all alone.  Loneliness

sets in very easy even when having friends and

staying busy.  No more do you have your confident,

no more do you have your partner to share with.

I am working on this lonliness but miss the chatting

with him.



flossieflo flossieflo
70+, F
3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I am so sorry about what happened.... but you know what.. I am proud of you. You still love your husband. I will pray for you. And I hope that I get someone as loving as you. You really define what true love is..... Love you :-)

i sympathise with you completely!!! i lost my dad 3 years ago to cancer, and my mom was 58 at the time!! my dad passed away when he was 59!! it was really hard, and i had to put my own life on hold, to help look after him and so on, and ive stayed with my mom until now, to help her through the depression and so on!! you see we came back to scotland from south africa in 2001, and after about 2 years, things started getting tough!!! we lost my grandfather and grandmother in 2003 and 2004 respectively, and then toward the end of 2005, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and we lost him about 6 months later!!! so now im 28, and im still living at home with my mom, and i was planning to move out on my own sometime soon, but the the economy went to pot!!! so, if you need to talk, im here for you, cos i understand what your going through!!!

I'm sorry for ur loss I 'm sure u have heard these words from lots of others but I'm sure that what u are passing throw is soo hard and it isnt easy to pass but by time I hope ur loneliness comes to an end.<br />
I hope we could chat <br />