All By Myself

I'm married and have grown children.  My husband and I relocate several years ago. At first it was pretty good. New place seeing new things. Now I hardley ever see my children and have made no real friends. The longer I'm married the more I see the differences in me and my husband. Even things we both enjoy we enjoy in different ways. There is no sex in our marriage. Everyday seems like the same as yesterday. Nothing new. Noone to talk to expect the people I work with. When my husband and I talk it's about work.  I'm wondering after reading so many stories just like mine is this the way it's supposed to be? Does life turn in to doing the same thing over and over each day with  very little difference? It's a ***** being loney.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

No, this is not the way it is supposed to be. People need human contact and intimacy. They need to be needed and need to feel wanted. If you husband doesn't fulfill any of your needs, maybe you should look elsewhere. Somebody might feel the same way and be looking for a person just like you.

Get out of the house. I was foolish enough to move to a small community of marrieds, in the woods, because I love hiking and ildlife photography. But what saves me from the insanity of No One asking me over for even a cup of coffee is to join other groups -- the senior center, the Auduboners, the writers, and the occasional hiker, tho few are my age and still move.<br />
Get out, get into, get involved. Volunteer until your panties are in a wad. We are NOT supposed to be so isolated from each other. Find the passions you miss from your family, in another form. If communication, join groups; if self-value, watch the young poor kids smile at your return. Give your heart food.