Battling Lonliness

I am married, have 4 children, a few close friends, and tons of people  who like me but I have ALWAYS and still do felt lonely!  I think it's from my dad not paying attention to me and my mother being a negative mean spirit in a sweet I can do no wrong way.  I don't know where to start because I know my lonliness is from something inside me.

MrsM MrsM
31-35, F
2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Sounds like you need a friend. You are surrounded by your family, yet you are lonely. That's a tall order when you have 4 kids, with school schedules, etc. I have a friend in the same circumstance. I think you need to find someone who can just go to lunch with u or shopping while the kids are at school and hubby is working...get u out of the house here and there. That's my $.02, for what it's worth.

Your lonliness may stem from people not understanding you. This is how it is with me. Even in a crowd of people, I still feel alone because my interests do not interest others. I feel like a misfit, even among family members. If this is you then take heart. There is something special about people like us. We can't make others understand until we understand it ourselves. This is why we need time alone. At least I do.