Will This Go On?

I think this story should be somewhere like i feel depressed because i am lonely, or something like that. Everything is fine with me...but i dont know why every alternate day i feel so lonely. no..i feel depressed and when i try to figure out what is the reason that comes out to be that i am lonely. I am living alone, not by choice but of course i have seen how people react when i do something strange. i mean i just want to be me sometimes..and i have found it really very difficult when i am with people...but then i feel quite alone as there is noone to talk to. i am 24 and not married yet. some people tell me that your problem is not depression but loneliness so get married. but i feel like it doesnt make any sense to get married just because i feel alone.

one reason i am writing here because i just want this frustration to come out...second reason to of course seek some help if at all it is there.

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hi all....thanks for taking time and writing so much for me....sometimes, it is just a feeling that has to come out. it did as u can see in the story.....and thus sometimes..we just need words to calm us down...i wrote the story in frustration cause there was no one around..but i feel good right now. but i am deeply grateful for ur touching words...keep writing and keep in touch...cause we all need each other :)

Everyone feels lonely at some point, you are right, getting married to stop the loneliness is not a good idea.<br />
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But you can find a friend who understands you and let you be yourself at times.

You should just be you and believe it or not other strange people will find you. I know from personal expierience. Until you start being yourself your life will be stuck in a rut. You have to branch out and try to find other people like you. What are you into? What are you're hobbies? What do you like sexually? Share this kind of stuff and you'll find others who like the same things. I am only 18 but I have felt the same as you for most of my life. contact me if you want to talk, I am looking for friends and would love to hear why people think you are so strange.

I think it is normal to feel alone especially if there is no one at this time that you feel a connection to. Just know that this is just one day out of many you have so many life experiences that will come. If it's a waiting game, so be it! You have a right to happiness.

my opinion, find some hobbies to do where you live. Also i have the same problem, its hard to explain. Don't get married just because you feel lonely, thats the wrong reason to get married. Also, you shouldn't be shy or scared to be yourself!! if people don't like it, then its their problem!!